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With the right team, property management can be easy for you. At Fanster Property Management, our experienced property managers are available 24/7 to take care of your tenants and your property. We care for your property as one of our own. Our priority is your satisfaction on the management service we provide. No matter the services, we ensure that as an investor, your investment is taken care. Our goal is to maximize your profit and provide you with opportunities to grow your real estate portfolio. All of this makes Fanster Property Management the best partner to help you grow!

International & Non-Resident Owners

As an experienced property management company, we deal with many foreigners who invest in the USA. There are rules and regulation set forth by the State that as a property management company we have to follow. Working with us allows us to guide you in the right direction, make things work, and gives you piece of mind knowing your investment is taken care of.


We will find you a tenant within 30 days. If your tenant does not pay the rent, then your property management fee is waived until rent is collected. All payments to landlords are distributed within five days of us collecting the rent. As your property management company we are here for you 24/7, and respond within 24 hours.

Contact us Today! 909-727-3720

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